Funeral Services at Sea

Funeral Services at Sea

Funeral Services at Sea – Scattering Ashes

“So they may travel with the ocean currents of the world until the end of time.

Whether it is in celebration of an affinity with the sea, the area, a nautical background or just the love of our natural environment, a scattering of ashes ceremony onboard is a tranquil way to return to nature in peace. The Scattering of Ashes at sea, or Ashes Scattering, of a loved one, is becoming increasingly more popular.

At this most personal of times, come together with your family and friends to share a farewell to your loved one, especially for families of loved ones that have had an affiliation with the sea during their lives. It is the ideal way to carry out their loved one’s wishes of having their ashes scattered upon the ocean.

Find warmth and intimacy in a setting respectful of your needs and wishes. We provide an ideally laid out vessel, to help your remembrance with your immediate family and friends for the ceremony. This aquatic send off and release of their ashes, to continue on their journey to the end of time on the “tides of the sea”, is a truly heartfelt way to bid your loved one’s farewell.

Full Ashes Scattering Ceremony

You and your guests will meet by the vessel at the scheduled time at a convenient jetty or wharf. All will be briefed on safety procedures and the ceremony. Offshore, the ceremony will begin with the vessel circling left (meaning, “turning back the hands of time”). The vessel will come to a full stop (weather permitting) and the guests will be gathered for final farewells.

For example – A basket or disposable urn will be presented on deck. Then the basket or urn may be passed from each guest to the next for a personal, private moment. At this time, personal thoughts, prayers or poems may be shared by the group. As the basket or urn is passed, each guest will be handed a flower for tossing.

A Farewell verse may be spoken when the basket or urn is gently lowered into the sea or the ashes are scattered. The ashes will now begin their new journey, to be carried by the current, forever.

The vessel will circle the ashes to the right (meaning, “Time and life goes on”) completing the figure eight infinity sign. The ship’s bell will be rung eight times (meaning, “End of Watch”) and as you hear the bell, you may toss your flower as a gesture of ‘letting go,’ which ends the ceremony. You are welcome to have music playing through the external deck speakers or you can have the service in silence.

We can also arrange a private celebrant or the Captain to provide a touching service and be of assistance to offer words of comfort and a final prayer or speech, as the ashes of your loved one are released.

On arrival, we will note and log for you the exact location with our GPS identifying the place the ashes were scattered giving you the opportunity to re-visit at a later date.

The Captain’s Charter

The ashes will be set free by the Captain without passengers on board. This beautiful service is photographed and provided to you for absolute confirmation and of course, peace of mind knowing your wishes have been fulfilled.

Unattended Services  

In many situations, although scattering at sea is desired, the family is unable to attend. This may be due to illness or perhaps the place where the deceased desired is a great distance away.

The captain of the ship will take your loved one’s ashes along on the voyage and perform a distinguished scattering for you.

In most cases, they welcome any requests you may have such as a particular prayer to say, a poem to recite, or music to play.

Choosing the right urn

Many people simply pour the ashes from an urn into the water. There is no specific type of urn required for that.

Some simply use the temporary container, which the funeral home or crematorium provided.

However when scattering at sea, it’s wise to ensure that you determine the direction of the wind, otherwise, the consequences can be messy.

Biodegradable Urns for the Water

If you wish to release the whole urn into the water, a biodegradable urn that sinks is your best choice.

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